News Detail

News Detail

31.12.2015 | Burak Alüminyum became S.A.H.A member,

Necessary to have productivity growth and competition at the same time for defense , aviation and aerospace industry. This is how the breakthrough advancements come to our lives. However producing the high-tech products and being able to market these products internationaly requires planty amount of national and regional initiatives to support the structure local manufacturing companies they need. A non profit government association Saha Istanbul has the motivation to make its members leading companies in defense,aviation, earospace sectors and have them play active role in the regional and the global market. Supporting local production and ease the external dependence the aim for Saha Istanbul. Burak Aluminyum took one more step up to help to devolope country’ local manufacturing industry.

Saha Istanbul’s activities;

- To create best enviroment for its members to become prominent player in specialized fields, invest in R&D is important to be eligable to produce high tech products and being able to compete on international arena with global players.

- To increase local content ratios on nationwide projects   

- Collaborate and Join forces on private,public, internationals tenders. 

- To establish internationaly accredited testing and certification bodies.

- Be in coordination with government and private high educational intstitutions and promote university-industry cooperation.

- To increase Istanbul’s chance to become a global hube for aviation, unmanned aerial vehicle (uev) and shipbuilding industries.